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Canada Post has released two unique postage stamps for this Eid al-Adha 2011.

One stamp features a still life painting of a feast at dusk and “Eid Greetings” in English and French while the other features the words “Eid Mubarak” in Urdu calligraphy with “Eid Greetings” in English and French.

As described in the Canada Post Website:

Celebrate Eid-al-Adha with a unique Picture Postage™ sheet of 21 self-adhesive stamps. The stamp features the words Eid Mubarak in calligraphy, with “Eid Greetings” in English and French. The larger stamp image is yours to keep as a souvenir!

Known as the “Feast of Sacrifice” or “Festival of Sacrifice”, Eid-al-Adha is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide, and the latter of two Eid festivals (the other being Eid-al-Fitr). Eid is typically marked by special prayers, forgiveness and compassion, and many Muslims visit family and friends, exchange greetings and gifts, and make donations to the poor and needy

To purchase these Eid stamps, visit this canada post website: http://www.canadapost.ca/shop/personal/postage/domestic/eid-stamp-sheet-calligraphy/p-403833107.jsf;CPO_JSESSIONID=2mmJT7VH7wGJcgGRXkzH20PZ7blpg5gQLZhX1JRWngCXjLjCy1Gw!2101672617?execution=e1s1