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Alhamdulillah, we have just started our very own Youtube Channel –


We hope to feature Islamic-based or education-based videos for Muslims and non-muslims. Most if not all videos, will be with English subtitles, to cater especially for the hearing-impaired individuals. This may also be useful for new students of English, new students of Islam, or simply for those of us, who want to understand better or to not miss any good speeches in the videos.

We have started with just one video, at the moment, but, insha Allah we will add more videos in time to come. It will be a very slow process as it is very tedious. Currently, we have only one sister volunteer here who is doing the captioning, in her free moments, so, we’ll all have to be patient with her, insha Allah. She is doing this for the sake of Allah and we have no right at all to rush her. She is juggling plenty on her plate already as it is. But praises to Allah for making it easy for her technologically and in all sorts of other ways too, alhamdulillah!

May Allah bless us all in our attempt to bring more (correctly-captioned) English-subtitled videos, especially Islamic-based lectures or educational videos to our friends who have difficulty in hearing, insha Allah! Ameen…

Image Credits: http://www.betterhearing-hearingaids.com/#overview