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Alhamdulillah, Victorian Muslimah has successfully added English subtitles to this episode of “Enjoying Islam with Zain & Dawud”. Especially dedicated to those who are hearing-impaired, who are new to English, new to Islam or just wanting English subtitles to learn better and more effectively, insha Allah.

This episode (split into two parts) is called, “Alhamdulillah. It’s time for Salaah”. It runs for approximately 25 minutes in total. It touches on quite a few topics surrounding the Salaah. For example, the pillars of Islam, why we now pray 5 times a day, names of the 5 daily prayer and their times, a brief story of Bilaal & the Azan, possible prayer locations, etc…

 It’s very educational and informative, masha Allah! It’s great to watch with the whole family and sing along to the songs too! Among the songs sung on this episode are “Upsy Daisy”, “The Heart of a Muslim”, “5 pillars of Islam” and “Crazy Spots I’ve prayed”.

Highly recommended for mums educating their children at home in their respective islamic homeschools and suitable for children of all ages, insha Allah!

Presented by Peace TV, and produced by Red Banana Productions. May Allah reward all who contributed to this video and those who distribute it, Ameen…