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Assalam’alaikum brothers,
(Sisters, if you’re reading this, please forward this message to men you care about in your life; husband, father, brother, son, uncle..etc).

It’s tough being a man these days. No really.

We are expected to become exemplary fathers, obedient sons, loving husbands, productive workers, creative entrepreneurs and above all role model Muslim men all at once! And sometimes we lose the plot, sometimes we just can’t live up to those high expectations and buckle under the pressure simply slogging along hoping to make it through life.

But I know, deep down, you want live up to those high expectations; not for people’s sake, but for Allah’s sake. I know, deep down, you want to find your passion, live your dreams, leave a legacy and be remembered as somebody, instead of nobody.

Well, it’s time for you to take action & get up from your slump! I invite you to join me and other world-class Muslim speakers for the 1st online Muslim Man conference dedicated to discussing the unique modern challenges that a Muslim man faces in his quest to living with integrity, character and purpose as a true slave of Allah the Almighty. Check out the programme here:  http://bit.ly/iman-cipate

This is a unique conference & it’s all ONLINE so you don’t have to travel anywhere!  It’ll take place next week on 9th January 2012 – 13th January 2012. Just click the link below to register:

See you at the conference!

Abu Productive
p.s. Don’t think twice, sign up today! http://bit.ly/iman-cipate