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Is there a purpose in life? Can we REALLY attain peace in this chaotic world? How can I achieve contentment? Why do I feel empty inside? Why am I STILL not happy? Is there God? Can I talk to God directly? Will God tell me what to do? Will God show me how to achieve peace in my heart? Why do bad things happen to me often? Why am I not as happy as my friend although I’m richer/more educated/prettier/etc..? Why do I cry a lot? Why is there a lot of sadness in this world? Does God hate me? Does God exist? I want to find God, can I talk to HIM now? Have we met God before? Did we meet God in our previous life? Why am I here? Who cares about me? Will God ever forgive me? Is God caring? Will God have mercy on me? Everything’s going wrong in my life at the moment, is God heartless? Is God watching me right now? Why does God allow bad things to happen to me? Am I a bad person? Why can’t God make my life happy all the time? What can I do to feel more fulfilled in life? Did God really create me?… etc….


These are just one or a few questions that we will ask ourselves at least once in our lives.. Yup you are not alone! All of us have come to ask at least one of these questions in our lives… it may be one year ago, ten years ago, or even yesterday!!

The video below is just 5 minutes, but it may give you a nudge to prompt you to talk to GOD tonight… If you really want to know why you are here on earth, why not ask HIM? Afterall, HE created you…

Remember, life is not just work, eat, sleep, play, study, etc… There is something more to this life. Ask GOD tonight to tell you what to do. Open your heart. Really. When was the last time you REALLY open your heart to anyone? Talk to GOD tonight, tomorrow night and as many nights as it will take. Ask HIM to teach you how to be his slave.

If you REALLY open your heart and mind while talking to GOD, asking HIM to show you the correct way to live and how to be HIS slave, HE will GUIDE you… GUARANTEED!

Don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself…


Click the video below.. It’s only 5 minutes …


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