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 Disclaimer: The lists provided above are for information only. Victorian Muslimah and the website authors take no responsibility for the authenticity of the Halal outlet.
Please note, some establishments may be licensed to sell and serve alcohol. Some websites have tried to list whether there is alcohol served there or not, however, these may change without notice and may be out of date.
It is the responsibility and duty of every Muslim consumer to ensure the reliability and authenticity of the Halal outlet to the satisfaction of the individual and not to go by the world of mouth from the seller of the outlet declaring something as Halal.
Muslim Halal transfer certificates are issued for every consignment of meat that leaves any abattoir or chicken processing abattoir or any further processor of meat or small goods manufacturers.
Please note that the certificate issues is supervised by an Islamic organization and not an individual or business.
Please remember that under the current Australian consumer laws, if someone claims to be selling something halal they have to prove it or it is false advertising. You as a consumer have the right to demand form the outlet proof of authenticity by requesting the outlet to produce a current Muslim halal certificate in its original form – not a photocopy – to justify the claim.
Please ensure you always double check before eating the meat that it is in fact Halal, and not to take the information provided by Victorian Muslimah, Perfect Deen or any other websites as authentic. {Disclaimer based on that of the Perfect Deen website, http://perfectdeen.com/main/halal-restaurant-guide-melbourne/ }

Last updated: 24th January 2012