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Alhamdulillah, with God’s Mercy and Help, we have put together a simple booklet (click on “Open Publication” link below) that is to be used as a guide to our first ever Halaqa in Melton. Dates of the Halaqah can be found in the timetable within the booklet.

The Halaqa this year will be largely-based on a lecture by Sister Yasmin Mogahed via a YouTube lecture that has been divided into 13 bite-sized parts. The title of her lecture is “Keeping the Heart Alive”. Victorian Muslimah will upload the 13 parts, one by one, onto the Victorian Muslimah YouTube Channel, insha’Allah. To see the full lecture by Sister Yasmin Mogahed you may visit “engiebenji93’s Youtube channel”.

On the Victorian Muslimah’s Youtube Channel, it will be under the “Sisters’ Halaqa in Melton” playlist. During each Halaqa, we will be attempting to adhere to the program structure found in the booklet, insha’Allah…

If you are interested in conducting your own Halaqa in your hometown based on the same lecture by Sister Yasmin Mogahed, you are welcome to use our lesson-plan, or rather halaqa-session-plan found in this booklet as a guide, insha’Allah.

For interested sisters near Melton or neighbouring suburbs, please contact us to participate in this little Halaqa, insha’Allah. May Allah bless us all and help us in our pursuit of Jannah, Ameen.

Please click the link below to see the Sisters’ Halaqa in Melton 2012 Booklet. (Note: Do click the booklet image to enlarge it and click the right or left arrowheads on either side to flip to the next or previous pages.) The “Yasmin Mogahed:Keeping the Heart Alive” video clips, which our Halaqa is based on, will also be available on this page soon, insha’Allah.
Click this link:

Newly updated (22nd April 2012) Version of booklet can be found below
.in Word format:
.in pdf format:

Our Halaqa this year will be largely-based on the following lecture by Sister Yasmin Mogahed. We’ll upload each part gradually, insha’Allah.

Part A
Part B Part C Part D Part E Part F Part G Part H Part I
Parts J to M:

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