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Below are some of the top items required for the Syrian Refugees.

Muslim sisters are currently collecting at various drop-off points in the suburbs of Melbourne*.

Plus, on this Sunday and the next 2 Sundays, i.e. 13th, 20th and 27th May 2012, Victorian Muslimah sisters and the Madrasah Muhajirin staff are collecting at Ilim College’s Sunday School, a.k.a. “Madrasah Muhajirin” in Dallas (near Broadmeadows) from morning till 12pm, insha’Allah. Please pass your donated items to any staff member of the Madrasah, jazakallah khayr!

*The main four “PUBLIC” drop-off points in Melbourne- are at Kensely Circuit in CraIgieburn, Eagle Way in Deer park, Major Rd in Fawkner, and Gunbower Crescent (nappy and baby milk formula only) in Meadow Heights. The other ‘private’ drop-off points are in Glenroy, Caroline Springs, Lalor, Tarneit, Hallam, Brunswick. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Victorian Muslimah immediately, insha’Allah.
(Many babies in Syria are being fed just plain water
 in their bottles, Subhanallah! 
We need more baby milk formula urgently.)

.Please remember this quote from the Holy Quran, my brothers & sisters…

“Whatever you spend in charity, HE will pay you back..”

Quran, 34:39

The tireless and heroic Sister Maryam Omran (also affectionately known as Maryam Lioness) has organised a shipping container which will sail from MELBOURNE at the end of May 2012, insha’Allah. If you are interested in donating these items, please contact Victorian Muslimah via FB or email, Jazakallah khayr! If you want to donate money to purchase these items, do let Victorian Muslimah know via FB and email too. Yes, you can donate money too (via bank transfers) if you are not in Australia, insha’Allah… We have two fully reliable bank accounts that have been assigned by our two fantastic sisters, Sisters Maryam Omran and Sisters Fatimah Dzaharudin, to receive your donations today, insha’Allah. They will purchase the items using the donated money. Please contact Victorian Muslimah for more details…


Nappies – cloth or disposeable, are needed urgently too… Please donate them generously, insha’Allah..

“Toothpaste Sale Box at Terry White Chemist” idea, Care Packs Ideas are courtesy of Sister Anastasia Ozcan.

Yes, underpants are urgent too. Please donate as many as you can, insha’Allah!







.May Allah accept all our contributions, however tiny. May Allah make this contribution, with HIS Mercy, be our pathway to Jannah too, insha’Allah! Ameen.

Jazakallah khayr for sharing this message around.

Product Price Research & Most Image Credits:
Sister Anastasia Ozcan (Jazakallah khayr!)

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