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To date, the items that are needed most now are first aid supplies. For example, bandaids, plaster, cotton balls, gauze, antiseptic ointments, antibacterial wipes, antibacterial handrubs, wet wipes, dettol etc. for the small wounds children and others might have.  Jazakallah Khayr.

Plus, we still need all kinds of nourishing food or nourishing milk powder drinks (e.g. Milo, Horlicks, Cereal drinks or Sustagen or others), undergarments and canned foods (only Halal please).



Sunday,  13th May 2012 – Dallas, Victoria, Australia

The wet and cold morning did not deter many parents, staff, students, grandparents and friends, who dropped packs of nappy and tins of baby milk formula at Ilim College’s Sunday school, Madrasah Al Muhajirin last Sunday. The collection table was filled up in no time, and donated items spread onto the floors nearby. By 1pm, there were 2 and a half carloads of donations that were received and brought into the nearby collection point in Meadow Heights. Sister Maryam Omran, who has diligently organised for a shipping container that will sail from Melbourne at the end of May, to Jordan, where more than 100, 000 Syrian refugees have now fled, has reported that babies & toddlers are being fed water instead of milk in the refugee camps due to the lack of supplies. UN and other world-help organisations are assisting but very slowly and insufficiently. Numbers of refugees are underestimated by them, resulting in plenty of chaos and lack of nutrition, basic care and health needs being unmet.




Please drop them off at Ilim College’s Madrasah Muhajirin this Sunday, 20th May and next Sunday, 27th May 2012.

Yes, we are still collecting despite seemingly big amounts of items have been collected so far in the last week. This time round, more first aid items, medicines, high-nutrition powdered milk drinks (e.g. Milo, Horlicks & Sustagen) are still needed, so please donate generously. More than 100, 000 refugees with babies and children are in need of our assistance and the number fleeing into Jordan is climbing on a daily basis. Other items in high demand are canned food items and dried foods.

Those who wish to donate money from overseas or interstate, you can do so by contacting Sister Maryam Omran (a.k.a Maryam Lioness) on the Facebook event link below, as soon as possible, insha’Allah.

Some sisters here in Melbourne will then purchase the more-highly-required items, on the donors’ behalf, insha’Allah from Australia and in Jordan. If you have a particular item that you wish to purchase with the donated money, please indicate in your bank transfer’s ‘reference’ which items you wish to purchase. Sister Maryam will direct the money correctly, insha’Allah.

For an up-to-date development, you may visit the event page on Facebook which has been hosted by sisters Maryam Omran, Anastasia Ozcan, Zaynab Omran and supported by at least a few hundred other sisters and their families in Melbourne. Toys for kids, instant full cream milk powder and nappies are still accepted, but are now in lower demand.


Please donate what you can, even if it’s just $2 or a can of chick peas.

Image credits:
Mrs Suhana & Mr Latiff