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Assalaamu’alaykum to all sisters who have intended to come for the 2nd of June’s Halaqa in Melton.


Sadly, this Saturday’s “Sisters’ Halaqa In Melton” will be postponed to 7th July 2012*. But please do not give up in your quest in gaining more Islamic knowledge this whole month of June….


Due to this postponement, Victorian Muslimah would like to share a few videos on a DVD that can be watched by sisters & their families in the month of June, insha’Allah. So that means, sisters & their families will still be able to gain a few bits of beneficial knowledge in June, despite the absence of our regular sisters’ Halaqa, insha’Allah…

Victorian Muslimah will be posting a limited number of complimentary DVD’s to any interested sisters and our regular-Halaqa-attendee-sisters soon. Please email Victorian Muslimah or send her a Facebook message to express your interest. Include your home address as the DVD will be snail-mailed to your homes, insha’Allah…

For the 7th of July’s Halaqa, we hope to discuss a little on topics such as Jannah, our 2 hearts, how to keep them alive, Temptations of Dunya, Ruh, etc… Plus, we hope to be practising a few different Hijab-styles too, insha’Allah. Booklets and notes will be supplied, if there is enough to go around.

We hope to see you at our next Sisters’ Halaqa on SATURDAY, 7th of July, from just-before-Asr to just-after-Maghrib prayers. See you then, insha’Allah!

*Victorian Muslimah is unable to participate due to health reasons.
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