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Lesson THREE

Bismillah. Alhamdulillah.

May Allah Guide you and I, brothers & sisters in Islam, as we learn Islam together… ameen.

From the last lesson, you would have seen the video on how to do a basic prayer. I hope that you have been doing your Salah regularly or at least trying your best to perform it at the correct times. You may have even placed your laptop next to you while performing the prayer. Well, if you do not have anyone to help you, that may be the best option at the moment, insha’Allah. But do go to your nearest Mosque or Musalla or Islamic Centre or even Muslim Students’ Associations at your university or college. Do ask someone senior there to assist you or even check if you are doing the prayer correctly. Don’t worry about not being able to memorise the supplications and Surah Al-Fatheha yet fully. Do not give up! Du’a to Allah & ask HIM to help you. Keep practising. If you are keen and determined, you should be able to memorise the Surah Al-Fateha in a couple of days or less, insha’Allah! Try it! You will be able to succeed, insha’Allah.

Remember that Prayer (Salah) is the MOST important act of worship that one can do. If you have not been able to do the basic Salah, I would strongly suggest that you practise and practise as long as it takes, till you can perform at least the 5 basic prayers (the most basic steps, recitations & supplications) before you carry on with Lesson Three.

Once you have managed to do your 5 daily prayers, or at least almost gotten ‘the hang of it’, you may then continue with the rest of Lesson 3 below, insha’Allah.

Alright, then. We’ll carry on…

For Lesson 3 we have 3 short videos that may give us a little idea of the basics of the religion, insha’Allah ta’aala.

Islam Basics (Part ONE)

Video ONE of THREE

Video TWO of THREE


By the way, have you got a Muslim sister or brother who can be your mentor, teacher or practising-Muslim-friend yet? He/She must be a firm believer of the religion who practices & obeys God’s Laws and is willing to ‘take you under his/her wing’ so that you will not be venturing alone?

If not, again please contact the brothers/sisters at http://www.imanprojects.com/myprayer/  or your nearest Mosque, Musalla, Islamic Centre, Muslim Students’ Association at university or college. You may even approach myself, Victorian Muslimah, insha’Allah. I’ll try and assist you or link you to someone who can show you more about the basics of Islam, insha’Allah ta’aala.

Whatever it takes, it is important for brothers and sisters in Islam to assist someone in need, especially if he/she is a revert. We’ll try to assist you in your journey, insha’Allah.

Till our next lesson**, insha’Allah.
Wassalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh..

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
(And may Allah’s peace and mercy and blessings be onto you)

Reccommended Video for today

. See above videos. Jazakallah khayr.


Resources used today:


((** I may be unable to publish the next lesson on time. In such cases, please forgive my shortcomings. Please look through the rest of this Victorian Muslimah website to learn something in this one hour. Or perhaps, you’d like to review certain previous lessons. Whatever your choice may be, do not forget to try your very best in honouring your commitment to Allah for learning Islam at least an hour a day, insha’Allah.))

May Allah guide you, my dear brothers and sisters, and myself on the straight path to Jannah, Ameen.

Allah knows best.

سُبْحـانَكَ اللّهُـمَّ وَبِحَمدِك، أَشْهَـدُ أَنْ لا إِلهَ إِلاّ أَنْتَ أَسْتَغْفِرُكَ وَأَتوبُ إِلَـيْك

Glory is to You, O Allah, and praise is to You. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but You. I seek Your forgiveness and repent to You.

This series of online lessons are not to be taken solely on its own. It should be treated as just a supplementary lesson to other basic Islamic classes or courses that one should take, preferably with a knowledgeable teacher, insha’Allah.
If you are ill or seriously unable to ‘attend’ our virtual lesson on any particular day that you were ‘supposed to’, you should try your very hardest to make up for it, as soon as you can. We have to be committed, right from the start, insha’Allah.
Let’s show Allah that we are committed in learning HIS Deen (recommended way of life).


((*Please note that I am not a scholar or famed teacher. I am just another student of Islamic knowledge myself and there still is abundant knowledge that I need to learn in order to be a better Muslim myself, insha’Allah. I am currently a student at IOU, the Islamic Online University, run by the Fanar Institute, undertaking a Diploma in Islamic Studies. I have a degree in Zoology and post-graduate diploma in Education. Should there be any doubts to my accreditations, please do not hesitate to contact me. I should be able to provide you the proof of my accomplishments, insha’Allah. But this, I share with you not as an ego-boost for myself, may Allah forgive & protect me. I have shared with you my academic accreditations so that you will understand that I am a serious learner, committed student and constantly-learning teacher, insha’Allah. I am not here to gain publicity or applause. I am doing this to please Allah s.w.t. May Allah accept my tiny attempts. I do hope that by teaching others, I gain to benefit in the process too, insha’Allah.))

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