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Please join us daily this Ramadan, insha’Allah! Every night’s Taraweeh will be at Melton Recreation Centre except Tuesdays & Thursdays.
Please note: Location has been changed to Melbourne Recreation Centre, 159 Coburns Road, Melton. Next to Melton Secondary College. 
*Except on Tuesdays & Thursdays, when Taraweeh will be at Melton Community Hall, 232 High Street, Melton. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Brothers Haji Rashid & Khairil Latiff for more information.

          • Taraweeh will be held nightly** at Melton Recreation Centre (purple building). 159 Coburns Road, Melton 3337,
          • **Except on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when Taraweeh will be held at Melton Community Hall, insha’Allah. Melton Community Hall is at 232 High Street, Melton.

Full location time table to be up soon, insha’Allah. For more information, do not hesitate to contact brothers Haji Rashid & Khairil Latiff. Jzk!

          • 7.30 PM (sharp) to 8.30 PM


This is our first ever attempt to have our own Taraweeh Prayers in Melton. Please support us, dear brothers & sisters, insha’Allah. Do pass the message along to your family and friends, especially those near Melton or in the areas of Caroline Springs. Feel free to print out this poster and distribute it, insha’Allah. You may even want to put one up on your masjid, musalla or school noticeboard. For flyers to be posted to your home, please inform Victorian Muslimah. We’ll post you some, insha’Allah… Jazakallah khayr…

May Allah allow us to meet Ramadan, increase our night prayers during Ramadan and gain its maximum benefits before we welcome Shawwal this year. May Allah make this Ramadan be our best Ramadan investment yet! Ameen…

Please assist us in spreading the message, insha’Allah. Jazakallah khayr!


For more information, please contact:


Brother Haji Rashid 0468 712 755
Brother Khairil Latiff 0410 592 381


To print poster, click on link below, insha’Allah..

Large Poster / Postcard 1.7