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Dear MUSLIM Brothers & Sisters,



Write in today* if you want to do something. Don’t go marching in the streets please. Copy the letter below and flood the Google and Youtube’s admin’s email inboxes and snail-mailboxes.

Sheikh Yusuf Estes and his team have done the research of where to write. Read Sheikh Yusuf’s open message to all Muslims in the link below.

Please click the image to be redirected to Sheikh Yusuf’s message & letter, insha’Allah

*Sheikh Yusuf has also listed the ‘template’ letter and the relevant Youtube & Google Contact Info. Please do write in to them as soon as possible if you feel like you’ve got to do something about this silly “Innocence Muslims” video. Sheikh Yusuf and his team have done this before in the past and they responded positively.


(And a friendly reminder – Please don’t throw water bottles at policemen, shout at non-Muslims, protest in the streets of Australia. That’s not what the Prophet Muhammad would have wanted from us. Let’s go back to the Quran & Sunnah. Discover how the Prophet (pbuh) reacted to insults. You’ll be amazed at how he responded. Please my dear brothers & sisters, let’s be objective. Muslims are peace-loving people, good neighbours, excellent citizens. One of the better ways to show your displeasure about this issue is to write in to the relevant people. Then, we du’a and tawakkul. Allah knows best.)


Read Sheikh Yusuf's open message &
'template' letter by clicking
the link below, insha'Allah.

Email Addresses and Postage Addresses

of Google, Youtube & ICANN?

– you can also get them from Sheikh Yusuf’s page below.


Spread the message around, jazakumullah khayran.

Image Credits: signaturestaff.com.au