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Let's raise money for our very own MMC centre this autumn, insha'Allah.

Let’s raise money for our very own MMC centre this autumn, insha’Allah.

Keep this date free –

Date: 29 March 2013, Friday

Time: 7PM

Place: DJ Cunningham Centre

Event: Fundraising Dinner for our very own MMC Centre

Price: Free to attend, but any donations and pledges are truly welcomed!

What to expect: Community gathering of friends and neighbours, delicious buffet dinner, guest speaker, surah recitation by a little one and more…

Bring all your family and friends, insha’Allah!

We need your constant support, brothers & sisters. 
$600 is needed each week to run our own MMC centre 
where there'll be Quran classes, Musallah, regular halaqa,
youth & kids activities, sisters activities, 
brothers activities, Islamic classes & talks, 
a shop, an information centre about the true Islam, 
and more, insha'Allah.
Remember us in your du'a please.

DO you want to volunteer for the MMC?

Contact us at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Melton-Muslim-Community/270123073108366 ,

or http://www.meltonmuslimcommunity.org/ ,
or http://www.facebook.com/groups/MMCsisters

MMC Autumn Fundraising Dinner 2013 poster