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assistance wanted

Urgently needed are these items:one of the cars used to ferry the items

  • cookware,
  • heaters,
  • fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • blankets,
  • jackets,
  • baby products
  • toiletries,
  • basic Eid gifts, etc.

These will be for 70 Burmese families here in Melbourne.

For more information, please inbox sister Aiya Mohamed on Facebook ASAP. JazakumAllah khayr.


Do read this letter by sister Aiya:

“Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us with another Ramadan, it’s kind of easy fasting for 11-12hrs and knowing you’ll breaking you’re fast with a full course meal and even a nice dessert. Yes Eid is just around the corner too, so new clothes, shoes and money from family. Subhanallah, not every person has the same privileges. Not only that, their are 70 burmese families here in Melbourne that have seeked asylum and don’t have the basic blessings we have and take for granted. Children that don’t have the education, clean clothing, a good home cooked meal. These families are not eligible to work, study and government support. They basically live on donations and support by individuals and not for profit organisations, and they can only do a certain amount. Me and a couple of sisters have put our hands up to support these families with basic eid gifts and still thats not enough. I ask each and everyone of you to join us for a great cause, place you’re self in their position and you will understand the struggles they face/faced. Together we can provide them with their everyday needs such as cookware, heaters, fruits and vegetables, blankets, jackets and baby products and toilettes etc. So if you are keen in helping out and making a differences for these families please inbox me inshallah. May Allah reward us all inshallah”