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reviving the sisterhood
“Assalamualaykum wr wb,I pray that this message meets you all in the best state of health and imaan!Ramadan was an amazing experience with you all, may Allah accept it from us and prolong our lives in order to reach this blessed month once again. Ameen.Melbourne Madinah misses your presence dearly, and as promised we are finally going to have this post-Ramadan event. Please forgive us in the delay of this, as you know we are all volunteers and merely students who are striving their best for the sake of Allah.

– Screening of ‘The Message’.
– Halaqa/Discussions
– Celebrity heads (Halal version – aka Guess the Sahaba/Prophet) 😛
– Eva’s ultimate favourite game ISLAMIC TRIVIA!!!

… and of course the main reason everyone will be coming FOOOOOOOD!

I sincerely pray that Allah will allow us to unite again and PLEASE rsvp and invite your fellow Sisters as we don’t have everyone on facebook.

Love you all for the sake of Allah!”

(Written by sisters from Melbourne Madinah)