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Name: Fawkner Masjid / Fawkner Mosque


  • 17 Baird Street
  • Fawkner, Victoria, Australia 3060
Phone (03) 9793 3212

Fawkner MasjidSize: It can accommodate at least 300 brothers easily.

Parking: Limited. Visitors are advised to park sensibly at the roadsides of surrounding houses  near the masjid.

Friday Khutba: Arabic Language only.

Friday Prayers Time: Please call mosque to find out more.

Open for 5 daily Prayers?: Yes

Taraweeh Prayers?: Yes

Eid Prayers?: Yes

Female Prayer Area: Unseen, please call mosque to find out more.

Facilities: Wudu and Toilets available. Please call mosque to check for Disabled facilities.

Other Details: Mosque is next to Darul Ulum College.




fawkner masjid 2 fawkner masjid 3

Image Credits: Hassan Cheema & Khairil Latiff