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Latest update: 24 January 2015

Is INGHAM Halal?

Generally, INGHAM chickens are not HALAL except those slaughtered at Inghams Osborne Park. Please see:

  • the Facebook Status posted by “Alhidayah Centre Inc” on Feb 4, 2014 below*
  • the ICWA’s certificate on Nov 11, 2008 below**

We have received news that INGHAM chickens and products are NOT Halal anymore, except the ones from Osborne Park. According to a few of our brothers and sisters on Facebook and our brothers and sisters at Alhidayah Centre Inc, Ingham chickens from Osborne Park are Halal. See below*.

Please note that there are no similar certifications or reports from any other Ingham abattoir locations yet, though. Therefore, to be safe, let us all avoid INGHAM unless you are sure that the Ingham chicken is from Inghams Osborne Park.

I repeat – please take note that INGHAM is no longer HALAL, except for the ones from Osborne Park. And this information is correct as of 4 Feb 2014. Please note that certification statuses may change at any time so do be vigilant, Insha’Allah.

* Response to query on Inghams Osborne Park halal status; FEBRUARY 4, 2014:


ingham al hidayahYes all Ingham chicken coming from the Osborne Park factory is certified Halal machine slaughter by Islamic council.

Tasmiya is pronounced on every chicken before it passes onto the blade and a backup slaughterer stands after the blade to cut any chickens which the blade does not cut properly.


Imam Hisham Obeid

Authorised Civil & Islamic Marriage Celebrant

Marriage Councellor ~ Islamic Consultant

Quran & Islamic Studies Instructor

Phone: 041 888 1321 Web:perthmuslimcelebrant.com.au”


In my humble opinion, it seems that this notification from Imam Hisham Obeid has superseded the certificate below**. Alhamdulillah. But it does not mean that ALL Ingham is Halal. As a basic rule, just be careful when purchasing any Ingham products. It may or may not be Halal. Even Ingham does not publicise its Halal products on its website. That in itself is a major disappointment and a red flag. So, let us please be sure where the Ingham product comes from before we consume, Insha’Allah. If we are not sure of the source of a particular Ingham product, or if we have any doubts whatsoever, it is best if we just avoid it. Let’s just choose to be safe rather than sorry, Insha’Allah.

Allah knows best.



** Certification from ICWA (dated 11th Nov 2008)