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Have you seen a random act of kindness or done one yourself? Muslims should lead the world in doing acts of kindness. Perhaps it’s time we showed the world what Muslims can do!

Here are some random acts of kindness done by some kind-hearted people (Muslims and not-yet Muslims) around the world. These images aim to soften our hearts and motivate us to assist others too, Insha’Allah. Or at the very least, they will make you smile, Insha’Allah! They are great ideas, aren’t they? Masha Allah, tabarakAllah.

By the way, these photos have been censored as much as we can, Alhamdulillah.


Random Act of Kindness 1

This Muslim brother of ours stopped running to catch his train so that he could help the old lady with her bags.

random act of kindness 1


Random Act of Kindness 2

A family shares their cut flowers with their whole neighbourhood

random act of kindness 2



Random Act of Kindness 3

Every day at lunch, this beautiful man reads to his illiterate colleague

random act of kindness 3


Random Act of Kindness 4

A good neighbour has been spotted

random act of kindness 4


Random Act of Kindness 5

In Egypt, this Muslim sister of ours teaches a young street vendor how to read and write each day she uses the train. This photo is taken outside the train station.

random act of kindness 5


Random Act of Kindness 6

This strong yet soft-hearted college student made himself into a “human bench” for an elderly lady while they were stuck in an elevator for hours.

 random act of kindness 7


Random Act of Kindness 7

An understanding parking officer replied to a distressed couple.




Random Act of Kindness 8

Strangers assisting strangers

random act of kindness 8

random act of kindness 8b

random act of kindness 8c


random act of kindness 8d


Random Act of Kindness 9

“I saw this woman buy two meals at a street vendor and give this man one of the meals. She introduced herself and talked to him about his life. She was his equal and just wanted to express inclusion to a fellow human being.”

random act of kindness 9


Random Act of Kindness 10

This kind husband teaching his wife the alphabets again as she lost her memory after a stroke.

random act of kindness 10a


Random Act of Kindness 11

This old gentleman removed the nearest table umbrella to escort the three elderly ladies to their car in the rain.

random acts of kindness 11




Other acts of kindness that we may want to try:

  • Give up our seat on the bus or train to someone who needs it more than you do
  • Share your umbrella with someone on a rainy day
  • Bake cookies and share them with your neighbours
  • Break your fast and share your food with a homeless person
  • Compliment a total stranger about something they are wearing
  • Help someone struggling with heavy bags
  • Donate some books to the local library or school
  • Let the person behind you in the shopping queue go first
  • Renew an old friendship by sending a letter or a small gift to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time
  • others









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