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Here are a few games to play for your Family Game nights or picnics, Insha’Allah! Printable editions:


Family-friendly HALAL GAMES

Game ONE

Likes and Dislikes

Get to know your family even better.

Things needed

  • Cards
  • Pens

To Play

  • Ask everyone to write down 5 of their likes and 5 of their dislikes on cards.
  • At mealtime when everyone is gathered together, read the cards one at a time and have everyone try to guess which relative the information belongs to.
  • The one with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

Game TWO

Scavenger Hunt for cats/birds/blue* cars/baby strollers/dogs

Things needed

  • Mobile phone or camera

To play Ask everyone to snap photos of cats/birds/blue* cars/baby strollers/dogs in the location, using their mobile phones or cameras. By the end of the day, see who has the most number of photos taken. The person who has the most number of photos wins a prize.

*can be any preferred colour


Charades/Pictionary/Hangman/Describing Game

  • For Hangman (provide one or two clues for each word)
  • Cut these words, fold them and put them in a bag or a hat. Place used words in another hat or bag.

hangman   kaabah                                   skip

shark                             chicken                        alligator chair                                                 robot                                      head

smile                                                 baseball                       bird

happy                                               scissors                         cheek

back                                                  jump                                       drink

ice cream cone                                       car                        airplane

clap                                         circle                                       pillow

pinch                                      kick                               kangaroo

basketball                                      sleep                                       camera

koala                                      arm                               eat

prayer                                              elephant                     blink

doll                                         spider                                     point

balloon                                            book                                       glasses

stop                                                   sneeze                                    mouth

draw                                                 football                        telephone

sheep                                               wave                                       door

tail                                           turtle                                      radio

water                                                monkey                       hopscotch

mosquito                               toothbrush                          ring

baby                                       garage                                    banana

finger                                      fence                                      big

swimming pool                  sun                                           mosque

yo-yo                                      boy                                         bag

mouse                                    school                          winter

beach                                     tree                                          teacher

king                                         telephone                            eye

water                                      jelly                               balloon

toothbrush                              pants                            mom

body                                       bicycle                         Suhoor/Sahoor

toilet paper                          baseball                       goat

lawn mower                        fire                                 school

belt                                         pajamas                       mud

sneeze                                    drums                           seashell

computer                                        grandma                    pillow

kite                                         homework                  ladybug

bed                                         bird                               gum

book                                       dress                             queen

fried chicken                        fish and chips                     doctor

frog                                         blanket                        kitten

pen                                         sandwich                    boat

dad                                          lunchbox                    ice

bottle                                     elbow                           coin

broom                                    rose                                        picnic

chair                                       duck                             quack

hair                                         zoo                               party

piano                                      key                                 apple

chalk                                       park                             clock

pencil                                     hill                                 flag

lollipop                                  candle                          flower

basketball                            hug                               clown

paper                                      mountain                   nose

cow                                         grown-up                    grass

rainbow                                 hide-and-seek                    pocket

grape                                      cowboy                        doll

forehead                                         football                        crayon

desk                                        TV                                  bedtime

cold                             paint                             ear                       moon

Hijab                            Ramadan                              Eid

Prayer mat                 Nasheed                     Imam

Wudu                          Halal                            Haram






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