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A new all girls Grammar school is expected to be opened in Caroline Springs in the year 2018, insha Allah. This school will be run by the team at Australian International Academy (AIA) which also runs another campus at Caroline Springs, and two campuses at Coburg.

Register your interest at the website today or email them, in shaa Allah. (See details at the end)

Caroline Springs Girls Grammar Update

This update is done by the AIA team on their Facebook Page on the 18th of October 2017.

“We are excited to announce that the new Girls Grammar campus is planning to open at the beginning of 2018. As this is a unique campus under the AIA umbrella, being an all girls and grammar school, we would like to highlight some key aspects of the Academy and the new campus, regarding next year and beyond:

-AIA has a solid track record of over 35 years a leading institution in the Australian Private School Sector. We have already 6 campuses with 3,315 students in Melbourne, Sydney and Abu Dhabi.

-The new Girls Campus will have innovative course option taught by talented and dedicated team of qualified teachers. These courses are designed to suit both Muslim and non-Muslim girls in areas of advanced studies in Quran and Tajweed as well as Music, Drama, Fine Arts and Visual Arts.

-“A Girls Only Environment,” focused on building their characters as contributing community active participants, developing spiritual values, artistic talents and sporting skills.

-The curriculum is tailored to inspire and nurture the unique qualities and values of Caroline Springs Girls Grammar’s young women; developing their learning skills, self-knowledge, self-management and understanding of the world.

-Commencing at the beginning of the 2018 school year for girls from Year 6 to Year 10. Introduction of Years 11 and 12 VCE and IB Programmes in 2019.

-Due to the Academy’s current stance, economic scale and critical mass benefits, a top-end education is offered at extremely affordable fees and unmatched by other neighbouring Grammar schools.

For further information contact us on (+613) 8390 2144
or email csgg@aia.vic.edu.au. Website: aia.vic.edu.au ”







May Allah help us raise righteous Muslims in Australia always, Ameen!