The Holy Quran & Tafseer

This page has 3 sections. Section A deals with some different ways that one can listen or learn the Quran, insha’Allah. Section B shows the V.M.-recommended tafseer of a few Surah(s). This section is a work in progress, therefore do come back soon to see more updates, insha’Allah. Section C shows us a few videos which will inform us of the benefits of reading the Quran.

May Allah make us daily reciters of the Holy Quran, even if it’s just a sentence a day.

Section A


Listen Quran Online

Listen to the Holy Quran. Click the image above.

2. Learn to read the Quran once sentence (Ayah) at a time, with various famous Qari (Quran reciters). Type in your preferred ‘Surah’, ‘Verse’ numbers (start and end) and ‘Reciter’. Tip: If you are a beginner, it is recommended for you to listen to Reciter Sheikh Abdul-Baasit, as his diction is slow and clear, insha’Allah.

Click here for Quran Explorer :

3. For Quran recitation with huge letters and translations in various languages, this website is recommended. However, the recitation is for the whole Surah at a time, although verses (Ayah) can be seen one at a time. Click here for :


Read Quran Online

Read the Holy Quran. Click the image above.

Section B

Recommended Tafseer of Some Surahs

Surah TaHa

Tafseer of Surah TaHa – By Imam Ismail Musa Menk

Surah Muhammad

Tafseer of Surah Muhammad (Episode 1)
By Br. Nouman Ali Khan

Last updated: 3rd May 2012

Section C

Some benefits of reading & learning the Quran

–         Make it your Personal Aim: To read Quran daily, even if it’s 1 sentence.

–          Why? Some reasons: one letter = 10 hasana (reward points); If it’s an Islamic-based habit done with the right Niyyah done on a daily basis, we get rewarded even if we don’t do it when we can’t do it that particular day, e.g. sickness or haidh, etc…; levels of reading and levels of hasana differ from person to person, e.g. average, above average, below average reciter, i.e. (Fantastic Motivation here, insha’Allah) Listen to NAK’s “Living as an Ummah – Nouman Ali Khan” 36:52 – 41:10. Discuss. 41:10 – 43:18 below .





2 thoughts on “The Holy Quran & Tafseer”

  1. Nadeera Thajudeen said:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    i would like to get some information’s about the weekend thajweed recitation classes for my sons. both of them are 4 year and 5 year old kids, i appreciate so much if you can send me the address and the contact number so that i can immediately join them for the classes Insha Alllah..


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