School Holiday Ideas

  • Go ten-pin bowling
  • Write a short book together
  • Make a short poem together and post it on youtube or any other media-sharing avenues
  • Go for a picnic in the playground
  • Create Chinese paper lanterns

    Chinese paper lanterns are a Chinese New Year tradition, but kids can have fun making them at any time of year. You may want to watch the video tutorial to see how (Note: Non-Hijabi woman demonstrates in the video. Do explain to your child why some people are not covering their awrah).

    What You Need:

    • A4 sheet of card
    • Scissors
    • Stapler


    Cut a 2cm strip off the short side of your paper and set it aside to use as a handle.

    Fold the paper in half lengthwise.

    Cut fringe-style incisions from the folded side and stopping 2cm away from the edge of the card.

    Open out the card.

    Fold it so the two short sides of the paper come together and secure with a staple.

    Staple the handle to the top of your paper lantern.


  • Very Hungry Caterpillar fruit stamps

    Bring one of the all-time favourite books to life with a little paint and fruit and the kids will be in stamping heaven! A good way to learn colours and numbers too.

    What you need:

    • Paints
    • Fruit from the story – apple, pear, plum, strawberry and orange
    • A chopping board
    • Knife
    • Paper plate
    • Plastic eyes
    • Also: an old egg container for the paint; paintbrush; paper or cardboard


    Step 1: Cut the fruit in half and choose the best side to represent the traditional shape of each fruit. You might need to sacrifice the other side of the plum because of the stone.

    Step 2: On paper plates, mix up the colours required.

    Step 3: Rub the fruit into the appropriate paint colour so the whole inside is covered in paint.

    Step 4: Press the fruit into a piece of paper or cardboard – you will likely need to “re-ink”. Stamp in a pyramid shape with in the same sequence as the story. ie, the caterpillar takes a bit from one apple; two pears etc…

    Step 5: Finish by creating the hungry caterpillar – have the child use their finger to stamp the caterpillar’s body in green paint, then his head in read. Stick the eyes onto the head while the paint is wet and draw on some feet later. The child can then also add the appropriate numbers once the paint has dried.


  • Thumbprint friends

    Number of players:


    What you need:

    • Paint
    • Dish for the paint
    • Pencil/ pen
    • Paper


    Get your child to ink up their thumb ready for printing.

    Instruct them to stamp their thumb onto the piece of paper.

    When they have about four or five evenly spaced thumbprints set the page aside to dry.

    Once dry your child can use the pencil or pen to draw faces and add limb extensions to the thumbprints.


    • To make a house for the thumbprint friends; ink up one of your child’s hands with paint. Stamp firmly to another sheet of paper.
    • Once dry, cut out the thumbprint friends and glue to the hand.
    • Join the fingers by drawing a roof.


  • Make painted rocks

    Get creative with nature with this art and craft activity. Kids will love hunting for rocks and leaves and then being allowed to paint them. Art and craft activities encourage kids to be creative and use their imagination whilst having fun all at the same time!

    Number of Players:


    What You Need:

    • rocks
    • tempera or acrylic paint
    • paintbrush
    • small leaves


    Spend some time outside collecting rocks and leaves in various shapes and sizes.
    Dip the paintbrush into the paint and have your child paint the rocks and one side of the leaf.

    Press the painted side onto a smooth rock.
    Use a variety of leaves and colours and repeat this process to create a beautiful rock creation.
    Once the rock is dry it can be used as a paperweight.



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