Useful links for Muslim Mothers…

Here are some useful links for Muslim mothers…

Last updated: 20th June 2012

1 thought on “Useful links for Muslim Mothers…”

  1. Farina Abawi said:

    Assalamu Alaikum WRWB, just came across your blog and youtube channel mashaAllah! May Allah SWT grant you continous and unlimited blessings now and always, Ameen. Can I make a request? Regarding your youtube video (Repeat 11times – First 10 Ayahs of Surah Al Kahf (Learn by repetition)), do you have a version of this available with only 10 times repetition not 11? The reason being is that I cannot download it onto my mp3 player to listen to. The other request is if you can also make a repetition video for surah mulk as this is highly recommended for protection in the grave. In Sha Allah you will get the best form of sadaqa jariya by your efforts in which sooo many people benefit. JazakAllah khair and fee amanAllah,

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