Madrasah Al-Muhajirin

Madrasah Al-Muhajirin is a weekly religious school conducted by a group of dedicated Muslim parents of Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian heritage. All classes are run in English and attended by Muslim children of multi-nationalities. These Sunday classes are held at the Ilim College premises in Dallas, Victoria, Australia. A small fee is charged and collected at the beginning or end of each school term.

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1 thought on “Madrasah Al-Muhajirin”

  1. Maryam Santos said:

    Salam sisters,
    My family were repatriated from Yemen to Philippines and I am filipina but never been in the Philippines for the last 25 years and now my 7 children are now facing difficulties in Tagalog language in school. ISCAG was not Islamic school but they falsely advertised on their Facebook n website that they are Islamic but unfortunately they announced publicly that they are not Islamic school 5 percent only are muslim teachers so now I am in the beginning of registration for homeschooling my 6 children. May Allah help me n give me the Sabr . Ameen

    I’m requesting if you could please help me or find a sponsor for my family and future homeschool in Philippines. We are in need of materials resources board computer etc. Anything that you could help and give.

    It will be truly appreciated .

    Jazakallahu Khayr
    Umm Talha s. Maryam

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