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Alhamdulillaah! Praises be to Allah for making Muslims in Australia and everywhere generous. Well done Islamic Relief Australia for organising the NSW Bushfire appeal. Masha’Allah tabarakallah!Thank you everyone too for your donations and efforts for this cause. May Allah reward you all with Jannah!
Donations for this cause and other causes are still open.
Visit http://islamic-relief.com.au/ today, Insha’Allah.
Delivering sweets and refreshments to the #firefighters , who have done such an amazing job. We appreciate & value your efforts.
A Little Can Make A World Of Difference. —

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Islamic Relief Australia on the ground delivering sleeping bags, torches and other items to those who have been affected by the Bushfires in Springwood at the Springwood Country Club and local Baptist Church. #nswrfs #nswbushfires
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Always on the ground and ready to answer the call, Islamic Relief Australia visited Springwood Baptist Church and came across a strong little man. Affected by the #nswfires , Connor’s strength was an inspiration to all as he worked alongside the IRAUS team unloading sleeping bags
#bushfires #nswrfs
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